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Will Villa

Everything is kinda boring - and thats great!

reflecting on life, I came to realize that my life actually is kinda boring and that this a great thing 👍

Boring is the new exciting - life as a solopreneur

Everything used to be loud!
...and faster and bigger and better...
And every couple of months something big would happen, something everyone would talk about. 
Like when N´Sync broke up, or GTA 3 came out or Arni came back from the future. 
A whole generation was impacted by the work of a few hand-picked thought leaders. 
And then there was the rest of us. Billions of non-voluntary followers, waiting for something that would enlighten our lives, mandated by the selected upper class. 

A fast-spreading virus of intellect has taken the world by storm. The foundation of this source of knowledge is the backbone of the Internet - the community. 
When Arni came back he didn't mention how much power 13-year-olds with a TikTok account would have. A child equipped with a standard tool of our modern society is capable of generating more revenue, with higher profit margins than some traditional businesses do. 

True freedom comes from ownership. From not having to fear that one might be replaced by a fancy new chatbot, or that the working conditions simply become so miserable that it´s barely livable. 

What if you had a little island, with a magic tree that would just produce enough food for you to survive? Would this be paradise? Or would it be hell?

The Industrial age gave us many benefits, better living conditions, and productized goods...
But also taxes, hierarchies, non-billable hours, and uncountable systems whose sole purpose is to maintain the system itself justifying its existence. 
Endless jobs are zero-sum games but they still need to be hired, just to keep the system running.

Well, that made sense in the Industrial Age, when a certain amount of physical labor was required to produce the demanded goods. 
But now we elaborated all these new systems. And most tasks that used to require a human, just don't need one anymore. 

Is this the end of civilization as we know it? ("dramatic thunder")

Or is this digital anarchy maybe an opportunity? A chance to escape the never-ending rat race of arbitrary rules. 
Are we busy just being busy? 
Or are we actually productive?

Every one of us must somehow make ends meet, but what are we really sacrificing to afford living?

in times of IoT, AI, and hopefully UBI,  do we need to "work" at all? 
So many revolutionary technologies and breakthroughs are being made by humanity today, that we´re getting numb of Innovation itself and technology is becoming a commodity. 

True freedom is to choose our actions, even if we don't have to. 
Ultimately we are all driven by our own beliefs, by our dreams, by our fears. 

Today we enjoy the privilege of being capable to express ourselves to unlimited communities, through the safe zone of our digital avatars. 
Disregarding age, gender, race, and (mostly) location, every one of us can create a second life on the internet. 
And sometimes things can be exciting, 
but most of the time, 
everything is kinda boring,
and that's a great thing. 

Success is not how they picture it on MTV. 
Not every life event needs a vuvuzela. 
Sometimes success is choosing to stay in pajama 
finally answering those emails 
or just play the guitar for a while. 

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