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written by
Will Villa
copyright by sqrz

Don´t focus on your goals - Build systems to enhance your habits

Today I want to talk about the importance of focusing on your habits instead of your goals. And accomplish your dreams by building systems, that allow you to stick to your habits frictionless and fun.

First, we have to ask: What is the ultimate achievement we are longing for?
This is the essential question to answer before we can start implementing those systems that will allow us to focus on our most crucial habits and accomplish our goals. 

Sometimes goal setting can be irrational and arbitrary. 
For example, signing up 1000 new customers or losing 25 pounds.
They sound great but are not necessarily correlated to proven facts or to an organic growth cycle.

 I would ask myself: what needs to be done regularly to accomplish the best imaginable outcome?
And if we achieve this, how can we optimize the system to be even more efficient?

One of my main strategies is to implement systems that reduce time and effort from engaging in those important tasks.

The one obvious change in our society is working from home. No more 1-hour drives just to get started with work.

This makes me incredibly productive since all my important tasks take place in my home. Of course, not everybody can work from home, but what other systems could we implement into our lives to make those tasks even easier?

Can we download apps onto our phones that allow us to spend five minutes waiting for the bus and dedicate ourselves to a productive habit?

I want to use this video I recorded as an example of how we can implement those systems.
Usually, I record these videos to connect to the SQRZ team. To talk to everybody simultaneously without having to spend time one on one communicating the same message.
But of course, the text can be rewritten into a blog post. 
The video content can be used as a reel for Instagram, TikTok, etc.
This way we get to recycle a task over and over and distribute it to different outlets without having the effort to start from scratch. 
In my studio, for example, I have drastically reduced the time needed to start new music "from scratch". A template allows me to access my whole library of sounds, instruments, and loops with only a fingertip, by pushing 1 single button (and it´s not the mouse).
Also when I work on web projects, I always start from a library of templates. Staring into a blank space and wondering where to start can be really daunting and a total productivity killer. If I start and there is already a portion visible, even if it´s not great, it´s easy for me to just move on and get started.  
If the spark of an idea is not there within a few minutes - in any form of creative, a melody, a joke, a sketch, an app.... - then the idea might not be that great in the first place.
In that sense, I created a workspace for myself, that allows me to get from an initial idea to a produced content piece within minutes.
Bach wrote over 1000 pieces in his life. Taylor Swift has already released over 200 songs, how many would you guess she recorded? 
Sometimes we tend to obsess over perfection, thinking that one day we will create this one perfect piece of content or write this one monster hit song making our lives change forever.
But we forget that to be able to write this one, Hit, we will have to write 1000. And writing 1000 songs requires taking the mental space and time to do so, day by day, song by song...
So, what habits would make your life better?
And how can you improve your system, so that you can work on your habits easily and fun?




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Don´t focus on your goals - Build systems to enhance your habits

First, we have to ask: What is the ultimate achievement we are longing for? This is the essential question to answer...